Star Micro: Living Rulebook

Star Micro: Living Rulebook

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Star Patrol Micro was an experiment on compact game design, but this rule book will massively expand your universe.

This is not a standalone product but will enable you to combine Star Patrol Micro, Star Fighter Micro and all future expansions in a single massive game campaign. But it will still require the Ship Status Cards found in each of the microgames.

This book contains the latest version of all of the core rules. As new expansions may require additional modifications, this will always be the file with the latest version of the ruleset.

In addition, this book contains rules for a "Dynamic Campaign" allowing the enemy factions and missions to be linked in an unpredictable but meaningful fashion.

Finally, this book will always have an updated list of the missions, player ships and enemy factions for easy reference during play.

As the universe continues to grow this will always be your source of how the separate pieces fit together. The micro-series may have begun as in experiment in small scale but with Star Micro, your game will be anything but.