Star Fighter Micro

Star Fighter Micro

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Introducing the next installment in the Star Micro line of games, Star Fighter Micro. This pack introduces a new player ship, a new enemy faction, and 2 new mission types.

The new player ship is the Dagger class starfighter that is fast and maneuverable. While it lacks shields and firepower it can THRUST to shift its power into whatever the situation calls for.

The new enemy fleet is the "Nueman Swarm". These are a swarm of self-replicating nanites that continually grow and merge to form more deadly threats. Do you have what it takes to contain the swarm?

The new missions included are Bomber Escort and Defense. Both will test your tactical abilities and force you to decide between safety for yourself or for others.

But if these features aren't enough they can be combined with the original Star Patrol Micro using the Star Micro Living Rulebook. Survive a Patrol in Neuman controlled territory, or use the Excalibur-Class Patrol ship to defend against the pirate fleet.

Play it big, play it Micro. Play it your way.