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Pocket Apache

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Pocket Apache - Diceman Games | Microgames | DriveThruRPG.com

Take to the skies anywhere in this 8-card wallet-sized microgame.

You are the pilot of an Apache gunship on a mission of destruction in enemy-controlled airspace. Fight your way past dozens of aircraft and ground forces to strike your target and get to safety. Play aggressively to destroy your enemy and drive up your score or play safe and pick them off from a distance with your missiles.

And when you're ready, go head to head with more player's on the same battlefield in a battle for the high score.


- Dynamically built battlefields for unlimited replayability

- Simple mechanics that force you to balance survival vs. scoring

- Fully playable using only the included cards and scratch paper.

- Play it anywhere, anytime. It fits in your wallet and can be played on napkins or paper placemats.


Players: 1 (Or competitively with more)

Components: All Included

Pages: 9