The Beauty of Games

Games are currently, as they seem to be so often, in the middle of a media storm. In response to horrific tragedies, it's easy to feel the need to find someone or something to blame. Gaming is again that target.

But to those of us that have spent our lives within the gaming space know that the attacks don't accurately represent games and the people that play.

Games allow us not only to see the world through another person's eyes as with other forms of media but allow us to actually walk a mile in their shoes. The fundamental difference between games and movies/books is interaction.

The media often focuses on the fact that some games allow players to be soldiers in wartime, or criminals in wacky satirical cities, but it ignores the breadth of gaming space.

  • How many have lived the life of a farmer in Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley? 
  • How many of us have found ourselves bonding with other human beings as we act together to cure a pandemic or survive a zombie horde?
  • How many of us have been inspired by a game and started to research a new topic, skill, or even start to play a musical instrument?

Games allow us to experience alternate realities and explore new ways of thinking. Sometimes, we do explore what it's like to be on the dark side... but for most of us, it's part of appreciating all the good that gaming has brought to our lives.


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