Our Experiment in Games

We have one founding believe behind the Diceman Games brand, that gaming is a frontier that we've only begun to explore. Every day designers are discovering new mechanics, new themes, and new formats in the gaming industry. 

But with the growing costs of manufacturing, marketing, art, and designers it is becoming increasingly risky to try new things. But what if we could offset these risks and create a model that allows designers to experiment without the high price tags? This is where print-and-play comes into play.

For the players, it offers a low-cost game that can explore unique themes or mechanics that you won't find elsewhere.

For us, it allows us to attempt things that traditional publishers wouldn't touch.  

It was this format that allowed us to create things like:

  • Classroom Exorcist: A tarot-card game where you try to identify your possessed classmate and free them by building relationships.
  • Non-Gratus Rodentum: A solitaire, military-themed role-playing game that allows players to learn about one of the lesser-known aspects of the Vietnam War.
  • Star Micro: Our Star-Micro series allowed us to explore microgames that can combine into a single larger experience.
  • Tales of Murder: A procedural story game that has you tracking a murderer before he escapes the scene. 

Our experiment is not about what we at Diceman Games can do, but what we can create together. 

Through your feedback, your encouragement and your financial support you help to discover new gaming frontiers.

So, let me begin this new blog with "Thank you."

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